Escape and remain.


Play as Sky, a boring girl who entered The Game for a reason she doesn't remember and wants to leave The Game for a reason only a select few understand.

If you don't want to play as her, I don't blame you. Why not play as Sonic, a boy who entered The Game for funsies and isn't really stuck in it or anything.

Wow that's a little boring too, how about we play as Souls. Souls? You can't play as Souls, holy crisps.

The Game


A mildly interactive flash comic that updates on the 13th of every other month. It follows the intertwining stories of three kids who are allegedly “stuck” in a virtual world. The comic is a manifestation of the creator’s thoughts on how we escape our lives and its problems, and the methods used to escape, and remain in our world of blissful ignorance.


Art and Scripting by Denise.
Level 2 Coding by Andy.
Level 2 Music by Chelsea.

This series started as an animation I did for high school English class, which is drastically different in terms of style and story and medium but whatever. Lastly, here are some links to places with more comics if ya'll want to be readin' stuff.


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The Game

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