Escape and remain.

Level 1: Prologue

March 13, 2013 in Level 1
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Denise March 13, 2013 edit delete
Welcome to The Game, 'Sky'. This is your home, and for all you know it has been your home since the day you were created. The fact that you are confused does not matter to this world, Hiraeth; We only want you to help us defeat the Arrelle. Forget your confusion by slaying dragons and enemy agents from the world where dreams are crushed by the monotony of day to day life. We are reality, and you must believe. You have no choice.

Thanks for playing!
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I probably should have gone on and started the critique sooner, for some reason I thought you'd be doing someone else and someone else would be critiquing you...but nothing happened.

So let me get in on this, yo!

First page impressions are...well..amazing. I do love these animated/motion comics with game aesthetics. Similar to Homestuck, but not intentionally 'bad' art. It is actually extremely inviting. :] Makes me ready to dive right in!
Wow, I certainly wasn't expecting this.

From the simple name, to the proposed premise-this is looking to be a very promising little project.

I was not expecting such a high level of interactivity, nor did I know such a thing was possible here on Comic Fury.

I'm actually very interested into how exactly you made this. What programs were used, what programing knowledge is needed. If we could possibly talk about this through pm or a later time I'd love to know everything that went into designing this!

Onto more critique type stuff! You really know how to kick off a story, no complaints there. You immediately suck the 'player' into your world by dropping occasional hints at lore. The characters are minimalist enough for you to get impressions and already begin to interpret their possible motives. The designs are top notch as is the all around art design

I really, really adored this prologue.
GelatinGal March 15, 2014 edit delete reply
I wish I had known about this sooner!

I really like this. : ]
Guest March 16, 2014 edit delete reply
Freezeflare March 16, 2014 edit delete reply
Minor issue: The hitbox on the Tracker is too large, and it gets in the way of investigating the "good luck" card sometimes.
Guest March 16, 2014 edit delete reply
thanks for the feedback! i'll try and fix it.
TAOMark March 26, 2014 edit delete reply
Any chance to play this on an iPad?
Denise July 20, 2014 edit delete reply
i don't think so. :/ i tried finding out a way to do it but i'm just not code saavy enough, i'll tell andy about it though. maybe it can be a thing. :b
pie11402 October 17, 2014 edit delete reply
Urrggh. This is so cool, the art and just everything about it is amazing. If only it were mobile accesible. TT^TT
Denise October 20, 2014 edit delete reply
thanks! unfortunately i have no idea how to make it so flash games are accessible on safari (if you're talking about iphones). not sure if flash games are accessible through other phones, but either way i think the only way to make it mobile accessible is to make an app and at this point neither i or nor the coder has time to make one. :c who knows though, maybe in the future! anyway, thanks for the feedback!