Escape and remain.

Level 3: Prologue

July 13, 2014 in Level 3
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Denise July 13, 2014 edit delete
Hello 'Souls'. This is your home, and for all you know it has been your home since the day you were created. The fact that you are scared matters to me; if anyone hurt you or put you in danger I could not ever forgive them. This world was made for you, and so are the people in it! Enjoy your day you little rascal.

Andy is the coder! He has a deviantArt account and a Tumblr thing.

Chelsea is the musician! She has a SoundCloud account and also she composed music for those Session lands I drew.

Connor composed the Tree Room 3.0 and Chelsea remixed it! They're probs gonna be collaborating music-wise for the rest of Level 3.

I think I'm going to start posting extra content on this site just cuz it takes us two fucking months to birth out a single level. To make the two month long wait a little less unbearable, and also maybe bring more traffic here, I'll post a little extra thing at the halfway mark (That is, if we have anything to post). Thank you everyone who's been keeping track of The Game, and thanks for playing!

Also if anyone's interested, we're on! Vote if you want!
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Yeah man look at that preloader load. Hot damn. Interesting to see some story from Souls' perspective!
Denise July 14, 2014 edit delete reply
wow, who is this commenting. what do you mean by 'real preloader for once'. this is comic game flash story anime not bad code bears anime.
Ricky_NPC July 21, 2014 edit delete reply
No matter how much I play I can't get enough of the music, y'all have to start compiling the music for a kick ass album.
Denise July 22, 2014 edit delete reply
ahahah i'm super glad you think so!! we have most of the music compiled on the gallery page but having some kind of kickass downloadable album with extra content would be totally kick ass. >:D