Escape and remain.

Level 1.2

July 13, 2013 in Level 1
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Denise July 13, 2013 edit delete
It has now become apparent what your goal is. Your sword has been taken back, your title of knight renounced. Pretend you can see through people and through every building block that makes up Hiraeth. Slay enemies and friends by accident. Take the blame for every dire issue that arises. If you had only taken the path more travelled by.

Thanks for playing!
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Level 1.2
I like the beginning of this level a lot. Descending the staircase was a nice little sequence. I didn't have a real problem with anything until we hit the sewer maze. I felt the 'retry' screen could get a bit annoying. I didn't run into it again after the first choices, but if this was still possible for going down the wrong hall and would result in a retry that'd kick the players back to the beginning of the maze would be bad 'design'. It becomes a test of memories, trial and errors...and while that works for some games, I feel that it would only slow things down or frustrate people if it went on for too long, luckily it doesn't.

Though it is a small complaint. once I ran into Sonic again everything seemed to pick up. There is a nice little nod at the greater story and then the sequence with the light at the end of the tunnel is handled pretty nicely.

All and all I think this might be the 'weakest' level yet. Seemed shorter than the other entries as well. It isn't bad by any means, and does have some of the more artistically satisfying little bits to it-I could just see the potential for irritation and annoyance and in a game that can be 'bad'. Take everything I say in regards to that with a grain of salt. ^^
Luminous Lead December 17, 2014 edit delete reply
Trouble with the sewer maze? I thought it was pretty simple to "avoid the green light". Well, after I died once anyway.
catfire13 October 30, 2015 edit delete reply