Escape and remain.

Animation Compilation

October 3, 2014 in Extras
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Denise October 2, 2014 edit delete
Another halfway bonus thing. It's a mini Flash interactive animation created for my Media Arts class. Andy as usual helped with the coding and Chelsea as usual created the music.

For easier viewing you can see the animated gifs here.

Thanks for playing! Vote for us on TopWebComics if you want!
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BohemicDreams October 3, 2014 edit delete reply
Ohmigosh! This is adorable and amazing! Plus I love the music! It's really catchy~! Can't wait for the next update!! >w<
Denise October 3, 2014 edit delete reply
Momoko October 11, 2014 edit delete reply
Wow, this comic has got to be one of the most unique webcomics out there!
Can I even call it a webcomic? It's more of a game haha

But I love seeing the different perspectives so far, especially when the scenes overlap!

Keep up the awesome work, all of you :3
Momoko October 11, 2014 edit delete reply
Oh, and I forgot to mention that it would be awesome if there was a "Replay/Restart" button with every one of these segments!

I found myself having to replay scenes and I always have to either refresh or click back/forward a page XD
Denise October 17, 2014 edit delete reply
thanks for the compliments! and yeah, my animation teacher said the same thing. if i find the time i'll code in some replay buttons, but for now a link to the individual animations will have to suffice. thanks for the feedback! so glad you're a fan!
Konics October 23, 2014 edit delete reply
Ok this is pretty fuckin awesome
Denise October 27, 2014 edit delete reply
hell yesssss!