Escape and remain.

Level 3.1

September 22, 2014 in Level 3
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Denise September 13, 2014 edit delete
My sincerest apologies for enlisting those kids as company; I know how lonely you get with my constant working, and your parents aren't around as much as they used to be. Sky's title of knight will be retracted, and Sonic will either remain here forever or fall into the Arrellian abyss.

Andy is the coder! He has a deviantArt account and a Tumblr thing.

Chelsea is the musician! She has a SoundCloud account and also she composed music for those Session lands I drew. The first song in this level (City Lights) features Rogan McAndrews!

So like I said in the previous level, I'm going to continue posting extra content a month after (Or before) every level. Get prepared for mildly epic bonus content. Also it looks like there are going to be some changes in the aesthetic of The Game; For example the frame rate was upped to 18 fps (Thanks Andy) and the music is going digital. Not sure if Connor (The composer of Tree Room 3.0) is gonna come back for this.

Anyway, get ready for some SICK BONUS CONTENT and SLAMMIN' NEW GRAPHICS AND SOUND! Thanks again to everyone who's been playing The Game, and as usual, if anyone's interested, we're on, and most recently bandcamp!
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BohemicDreams September 14, 2014 edit delete reply
I LOVE how everything has improved! 'Specially the music :D Keep up the awesome work, yo!! ^w^
Denise September 15, 2014 edit delete reply
thanks a ton! expect more improvements in the future. :B
Xenocartographer September 15, 2014 edit delete reply
Hey, sorry about the technical buggery. CF supports remote images, and it should work for SWFs as well. If you go to comic management and edit this page, you should see a From External URL field - tick the box and paste the URL of the .swf file into it. I've grabbed it for your convenience:
Kyo should resolve the bug for real soon. He's good about that.
Denise September 15, 2014 edit delete reply
it's no problem, thanks for the help!