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Test RPG

August 13, 2014 in Extras
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Denise August 13, 2014 edit delete
I said I'd post something at the halfway point. I'm working on the next level of The Game, but for now, enjoy this little bonus game. I posted it on my deviantArt a while back but I figured I should post it here for people who don't look at my DA a lot.

As usual, Andy did the coding (He contributed the most amount of time to this so give him some intense thanks) and Chelsea did the music. I made all the lame graphics (Except for the talksprites, they, as well as this entire mini game's layout, are based off of the Homestuck mini RPGS. Darcie based my talksprite off of John Egbert's and I based Andy's talksprite off of Kankri's. Disclaimers galore).

Thanks for playing, and if anyone's interested, we're on! Vote if you want!
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LeRenardRoux August 16, 2014 edit delete reply
XD This is so cool!
Denise August 17, 2014 edit delete reply
Konics August 17, 2014 edit delete reply
i am now up to date X3 I could have emailed you but i thought it'd be cooler to comment. This is a seriously cool webcomic and i cant wait to read more.
Denise August 18, 2014 edit delete reply
oh gosh thanks! i really appreciate it! 8D
catfire13 October 30, 2015 edit delete reply